Chords, Bass and Inversions

Playing chords

To play a chord simply touch the colored field to the right of the menu bar. This area is called chord section. To play a bass tone touch the colored area left of the menu bar. This area is called bass section.

Playing Chord Inversions

To play an inversion of a chord move the finger to the left or to the right while touching the chord section.

Playing single tones

If you touch the chord section by default three tones are played at once. To play only one or two tones at the same time press the apex buttons (1) or (2). For musicians: if you play two tones, SoundPrism is configured to play thirds, if you play 3 notes then SoundPrism will play chords (minor or major ones)

Playing multiple octaves

By default tones are played over one octave. To play two octaves at the same time press the two octave button (2). On the iPad you can play three octaves at once, too. Go back to playing one octave by pressing the one octave button (1).