MIDI Setup on Mac OS - Pro

Feature requires SoundPrism Pro

This feature is only available in SoundPrism Pro - get it here:

There are two ways to connect SoundPrism Pro to your Mac or hardware synthesizer.

MIDI via WiFi on Mac OS - Pro

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Mac wirelessly your iDevice needs to be on the same wireless network as your Mac.
We also suggest you create a direct (ad-hoc) network on your Mac to reduce latency to a minimum.
The video below is a quick walk through all the steps needed to accomplish a wireless connection between SoundPrism Pro and your Mac.

MIDI via USB on Mac OS - Pro

IMPORTANT: MIDI via USB is currently only supported on the iPad
You can also use the Apple Camera Connection Kit and connect it with a USB Midi Interface to your hardware synthesizer. Just plug in the Camera Connection Kit, attach cables to the devices you'd like to use SoundPrism Pro with and you're done. Once you've enabled MIDI in the preferences of SoundPrism it immediately sends MIDI information the the MIDI interface connected to your camera connection kit. To connect SoundPrism to your Mac you'll need MIDI interfaces like the M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 2x2 and M-AUDIO MIDISPORT UNO in a setup like this: